Anuj Opal

Software Developer

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About Me

I'm a part-time artist, full-time programmer and over-time nerd. I've worked for companies of various sizes in the past, from start-ups to industry leaders. My areas of expertise lie mostly in the web and cloud sphere, from front-end to back-end to infrastructure.



Production Engineer

  • Infrastructure/DevOps using Varnish, GoLang, Ruby, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, GCP, Bash, and C/C++
  • Maintained a CDN receiving more than 25 billion requests per day
  • Designed and built a log-processing pipeline that ingests 30 TiB of data per day
  • Assisted internal teams with support needs and was a primary responder for incidents

Grand Rounds

Platform Engineering Intern

  • Infrastructure engineering using Golang, Python, Bash, Terraform, AWS and Kubernetes
  • Single-handedly deployed a service mesh (Istio) to the production Kubernetes cluster
  • Managed many new infrastructure features and maintenance tasks
  • Assisted in training new full-time engineers


Production Engineering Intern

  • Infrastructure/DevOps using Golang, Lua, Nginx, GCP and Kubernetes
  • Platform protection via Nginx WAF and a real-time, highly concurrent bot detection system
  • Architected and built a new service as the technical lead on the project
  • Handled support issues from several large clients

Shopify Plus

Developer Intern

  • Full-stack web dev on OS X using Ruby, Rails, GraphQL, React and Typescript
  • Independently designed, built and deployed several major features
  • Collaborated with team members on many features, both pair programming and mutual code reviews


Software Developer

  • Full-stack web dev on OS X using React, Handlebars.js, node.js, Express.js, Ruby, Rails and Sinatra
  • Helped rebrand the Vidyard GoVideo chrome extension
  • Data aggregation and pipelining using the Facebook Graph API and the Youtube Analytics API
  • Set up new microservices on AWS using a variety of services


Junior Software Engineer

  • Back-end web dev on OS X using Ruby and Rails
  • Wrote Selenium based web scrapers running on AWS EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk instances
  • Designed solution to long-standing issue surrounding database locks
  • Integrated the system with Parsehub as an internal hackathon project and demoed said project to several project managers and team leads

Imagine Communications

Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Front-end web dev on Windows using TypeScript and AngularJS 1.5
  • Core team member for the version 1.1 release of Master Control Panel
  • Wrote fuctional proof-of-concepts for Electron and Aurelia


Software Developer

  • Front-end web dev on Ubuntu using CoffeeScript and Electron
  • Fixed issues with the Google Maps integration
  • Created proof of concepts for both Electron and the Google WebSpeech API


“Anuj is an exceptionally talented programmer who demonstrates ability far beyond what his years might suggest. His passion for learning and goal oriented nature will make him a great asset in any faculty, program, or place of employment.”

— Ronuk Raval, Co-founder, Encircle

“Anuj demonstrated the behaviours and abilities we normally see in an experienced developer … He crushed a ton of code, often pulling off complex problems with ease! Anuj, you've been an incredible asset to Vidyard.”

— Michael Stark, Integrations Team Lead, Vidyard

“Anuj successfully tackled some of the most advanced challenges on the project. His eagerness to learn combined with existing technical skill made Anuj an invaluable asset to the team.”

— Matthew Blagden, Developer Lead, Shopify Plus

“Anuj displayed exceptional skill in independent research and problem solving throughout the term … In addition, he's been a great team player. Anuj is always willing to put in the extra bit of effort to help his colleagues and solve their issues quickly and proactively. Overall, we are very impressed with Anuj.”

— Lenard Paulo, Software Engineer II, Flipp
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Scrapes tweets by reverse engineering Twitter's AJAX requests. Averages around 1200 tweets per minute.

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Chrome extension that adds a button to auto-generate cover letters on WaterlooWorks job postings

View Project on GitHub Download the Chrome extension

RSA encryption tool

Command line node.js tool for encrypting text files. Tested with bitlengths as high as 8192, but smaller keylengths are recommended for efficiency.

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Personal website

The site you're looking at! Hosted using GitHub Pages, though previously it used Heroku. Design based on Ryan Fitzgerald's dev portfolio template.

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University of Waterloo

Sept 2015 - April 2020

Honours Bachelor of Computer Science
English Language and Literature Minor



Call me a hipster, but I play acoustic guitar, mostly a mix of folk and spanish classical. I also have group of friends that jams to musicals fairly often: Hamilton, Phantom, Lés Mis, Wicked, etc.

Speed Skating

I've been doing short track speed skating with the Kitchener Waterloo Sertoma Sertoma Speed Skating Club for around 10 years now, and also help coach when I can.


mathNEWS is a student newspaper at UW run by the Mathematics Society, I've both written articles and spent two years as one of the lead editors for the paper this term. My articles range from serious and informative, to the absolute ridiculousness that mathNEWS is infamous for.

The Great Outdoors

Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, tree climbing, cross country skiing - you name it, if it's outdoors I enjoy it.


I write various short stories and poems on my own, I've taken multiple creative writing courses, and I'm a member of the University of Waterloo Creative Writing Club.

General nerdiness

I'm a huge nerd, and absolutely proud of it. I love books, board games, video games, etc. My oldest and most time consuming hobby.


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